an idea

my Z1000, loaded down at the start of the Alaska Highway

I guess this idea started back in the summer of 2007…I took a leave of absence from work, with plans to ride a Kawasaki Z1000 around the US and Canada for a few months. Before the end of the almost 18,000 mile trip, I’d already decided that someday I needed to do a bigger trip, and at the very least, that trip would have to involve leaving North America.


somewhere near koh yaoon a boat, somewhere near koh yao

Fast forward to February 2013…it was sometime around the moment this photo was taken when I started to realize I was too settled in Denver. I knew that as soon as I left Thailand, I’d miss it, and I needed to do something to break up the routine that I was bound to reenter. It didn’t take long to realize that some type of extended trip was probably the right option.

03/30/2013 – New Motorcycle!

IMG_0009new 800
got rid of my 2009 Nightster and picked up the 2013 BMW F800GS!

Things just got a little more official! I traded in my Harley and got the bike that I’ve wanted since before it ever came out. I remember reading rumors about BMW possibly creating a 800GS years ago, in order to bridge the gap between the 650GS (too small) and the 1200GS (too big/too expensive). After a few trips to BMW of Denver, a test ride of the F800GS & G650GS, and a LOT of discussion with the guys there, I decided on the 800, and put together a little list of accessories that I wanted to get as well.

06/20/2013 – RawHyde motorcycle training

bike lineup
Over the weekend, I attended RawHyde‘s first training course in Colorado. No only did I meet a bunch of great folks (instructors and fellow students), but I learned far more than expected, and had an absolute blast. For anyone that is interested in riding a big bike offroad, I can’t recommend these guys enough.  I’m sure I’ll look into their more advanced courses once I’m back next year. Continue reading

07/04/2013 – 0 days/0 miles – Heading out tomorrow

Well, the 4th is my last night in Colorado. Gonna have breakfast with some friends tomorrow, then head up to Ten Sleep, WY for a couple days of climbing before I make my way to Minnesota. It feels kind of surreal to be leaving Colorado, knowing that it’ll be nearly a year before I’m back, but overall, I’m really excited to finally get this trip started

07/07/2013 – 3 days/1199 miles

I got packed up and headed out for Ten Sleep, Wyoming, knowing that a lot of the riding during the first part of the trip is not only going to be highways, but highways I’ve ridden numerous times before, so I’m fully expecting some kinda boring sections. That being said, the ride from Buffalo to Ten Sleep was fantastic…a nice winding road with some beautiful views. Continue reading