My bike for this trip is a 2013 BMW F800GS with…
BMW aluminum panniers
BMW hand protectors
AltRider crash bars
AltRider skid plate
AltRider lexan headlight guard
AltRider luggage rack
AltRider radiator guard
Kriega fork seal covers
     -looked like this after 2 months and 16k miles…seems that they’re deteriorating much
     faster than I’d expect
Clearwater Glenda LED lights
Held “Scotty” tank bag
     -waterproof cover is separating. Added duct tape to the seam to reseal (before & after)
Touratech folding gearshift lever
Touratech folding brake lever
Touratech front brake fluid reservoir guard
Touratech large sidestand foot
Rotopax 1 gallon fuel can & 1 gallon water can
BestRest hardened upper shock bolt
Homemade PVC pipe storage tube

2 thoughts on “Bike

    • I’m running Michelin Anakee 3’s at the moment, which I have been happy with. If you want something more dirt oriented (but that still performs surprisingly well on the street_, I’d recommend Heidenau

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