Supplies & Gear

Here’s a list of some of the things I’m bringing along for the trip. I’ll update it as I find things I need to add or ditch along the way

Klim Latitude Jacket
Klim Latitude Pants
Arai XD-4 Helmet
Sidi Adventure Boots
Held Score II Gloves
SPOT Gen 2

T10-55 Torx sockets
E8, E10, E12 ETorx sockets
3/8 ratchet
3/8 – 1/4 adapter
3 inch extension
6 inch extension
Spark Plug socket (thin wall)
Hex axle tool
Phillips screwdriver
Flathead screwdriver
Hex wrenches
3x tire irons
Bead breaker
Tube patches and cement
Air pump
Tire pressure gauge
Valve stem wrench
Oil filter wrench
Chain breaker
Feeler gauge
Metal zip-ties
Velcro straps
Bailing wire
Duct tape
Electrical tape
Fuse tape
JB Quick
Emery Cloth

Tubes (front and rear)
Valve stem cores
Headlight bulb
Spark plugs
Wheel bearings
Fuses (for aux power plug)
Fuel pump controller bypass
Fork seals
Brake pads

Sleeping bag (hopefully 40deg is warm enough!)
Sleeping bag liner
Mosquito net
Thermarest air mattress
Water filter
Iodine tabs

3 thoughts on “Supplies & Gear

  1. Hi Dude, I live in France to Nancy in the north east of the country near Strasbourg.
    I drive a R100GS for my travels in Europe. If you need an accommodation and you pass in my area, I can host you for free.
    Good project, it’s super.

    Good luck I’ll follow you through your site.


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