I’ve taken a little bit of video through the trip, which I’ll post up here. Most of it is from a helmet cam, so it can end up being a bit shaky sometimes…grab a dramamine and deal with it.

A short sample of the landscape and roads I went through north of Sydney

Cage diving with great white sharks in Port Lincoln, South Australia

Scooter racing in Manna, Indonesia

Snorkeling in Koh Tao, Thailand

Leaving Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Mae Hong Son loop, in Thailand


Riding through alleys in Varanasi, India

Various footage from India, both on and off the bike

Railroad Crossing in India

Croatia – Mali Alan Pass and Sveti Jure

Riding along the Adriatic Coast in Croatia


Footage from the Isle of Man, Manx GP practice runs


Packing everything up before heading out from Colorado

3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Your packing up video was GREAT! Kinda Buster Keaton like 🙂

    When ever you have a minute, can you tell us where you got that flashing rear light? Is it a BMW thing ? And is it on all the time ?

    Once again thanks much for your blogging of this trip !!

    • Hey Rod,
      The blinking tail light only shows up in the video, but when you look at it in person, it looks just like a normal light, constantly on.
      It’s an LED light, so it isn’t constantly illuminated, but flashing at a very high rate…high enough that to the naked eye, it looks like it’s constantly on. But when you make video of it, it’ll occasionally pick up the moments when the light it actually out, creating the blinking effect…
      …at least I think thats why it’s blinking, but I could also be completely wrong…haha

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