India – Traffic, road conditions, etc

This’ll probably be my last story for Bike Bandit (but if it isn’t, I’ll be sure to post a link)

2 thoughts on “India – Traffic, road conditions, etc

  1. Thanks Pat……how goes it buddy? I saw your folks before they headed north and it sounds like you are busy and about to find out how much of your apprenticeship you may get “waived” due to your skills and testing on the welding. What did you find out… you know where you’ll be working? Hope to hear from you Pat….take care sof >

    • Hey Steve, I’m doing well! I haven’t heard back yet on how I’ll be placed in the apprenticeship…It’ll probably be July before I hear anything on that. But in the mean time, I got started working right away on Monday (I got into the apprenticeship on Friday) at a site up in Fort Collins. The crew up there is great, so I’ve already been learning a ton. Sounds like the job should wrap up (at least for the majority of the crew) in August or September, so we’ll see where I head after that.

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