08/20/2013 – 47 days/5164 miles

All I can say about the Isle of Skye is that it really is absolutely beautiful.  Here’s some pictures that don’t really do it justice…
IMG_2534    IMG_2536    IMG_2542
IMG_2548    IMG_2556    IMG_2588
The Old Man of Storr
IMG_2518       IMG_2526       IMG_2524
IMG_2527    IMG_2529    IMG_2533
Kilt Rock
Quiraing.  This area was my favorite place of the day.  I felt like I could’ve just sat there and looked around for days.
Apparently, the villagers in this area would bring livestock up in the Quiraing when the Vikings were raiding, as the plateaus weren’t visible from below, so the animals would be hidden.
IMG_2562    IMG_2567    IMG_2569
IMG_2571    IMG_2572    IMG_2574
IMG_2575    IMG_2577    IMG_2585
Dunvegan Castle, oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland, home of the chiefs of Clan MacLeod for over 800 years.
The roads on Skye were pretty fun too.
My plan, after the Isle of Skye, was to spend two days in Liverpool, but after getting outside of Glasgow I decided I want to spend more time outside of cities.  So I cancelled my reservations and decided to just ride until I was ready to stop, then find a place to stay.
As expected, the ride was beautiful.  Weather was way better than two days ago, so I could see a lot more.
IMG_2615    IMG_2620    IMG_2631
IMG_2632    IMG_2633    IMG_2634
At one of the parking areas that I pulled off at to take some pictures, this guy was just hanging out, playing a bagpipe.
South of Glasgow, the landscape started to change…hills instead of mountains, but still beautiful.
At the end of the day, I found a little town off the main roads called Moniaive, ate some haggis, and drank more than enough whisky (in a pub from the 1600s, which is still crazy to me)
IMG_2639    IMG_2650    IMG_2651

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