A podcast and some articles!

Just wanted to let everyone out there know of a few things that have happened since finishing up my trip.

Justin Long, from Long Riders Radio interviewed me for one of his podcasts. You can listen to it on his site or get it on iTunes or Stitcher.

Also, I’m writing a series of articles about my experience for Bike Bandit. I’ve been buying parts and tools from them for years (check them out next time you need something), so it’s kind of cool to be writing for them now.
The first two articles are here and here. I’ll make sure to post when new articles are published.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

03/06/2015 – 610 days/50230 miles

Well, it’s a couple weeks later than expected, but my bike has finally arrived in Vancouver.
I got to Vancouver a few days before the bike arrived, and stayed with my buddy Alex, who I’d met a month prior in Hawaii.
Most of my time was spent checking out the various local beers while anxiously waiting for my bike.
My consensus is that it’s a pretty great city…I think I could live there if it weren’t for the ridiculously high cost of living.
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01/26/2015 – 571 days/49882 miles

When I made plans to leave New Zealand, I had a few options. First, my bike was going by boat to Vancouver, so I was in no rush to get there, which allowed me to fly back home and spend a few weeks visiting some family and friends in Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado. The next thing I had to decide was if I wanted to fly directly from Christchurch to Minnesota, or if I should head somewhere else first. When I started looking, a few days in Hawaii seemed to be an option that didn’t cost any more than flying directly to Minnesota. As I messed around with the dates a bit, I found that I could fly to Maui, stay six nights, then fly to Minnesota for $60 less (including 6 nights accommodation) than a direct flight from Christchurch to Minneapolis…pretty easy decision.
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01/19/2015 – 564 days/49882 miles

My time in New Zealand has come to an end. My bike is crated up and ready to be loaded on a boat, bound for Vancouver. While I’m waiting for it to arrive there, I’ll fly back to the US to spend a few weeks visiting some family and friends.
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01/02/2015 – 547 days/48829 miles

For Christmas and New Years, I headed back up to the north island to spend the holidays with some friends that I’d met earlier on in New Zealand.

On the way north, I stopped just past Kaikoura, where there is yet another place to see seals. But at this one, there were loads of baby seals learning how to walk and swim.
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