03/16/2015 – 620 days/51363 miles

From Seattle, I continued south through Portland and San Francisco. I stayed with a friend in Portland who took me on a couple nice rides around the area.

We went west out to the coast and rode along it for a bit.
We also rode east from Portland along the Columbia River…
…out to Multnomah Falls

I also checked out the Japanese Gardens in Portland. There were loads of other gardens in the area as well, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite the right season for them.
IMG_1992 IMG_2003

From Portland, I headed south towards San Francisco/Mountain View, but made a stop in the Redwoods along the way
IMG_2020 IMG_2031

I spent a couple days in Mountain View with my cousin and her family, and as luck would have it, her kids were off school while I was around, so they showed me around San Francisco for a day.
Lombard Street is a famous spot in San Francisco, as it’s the crookedest street in the world. It’s also the only street in the world that’s described by an adjective that isn’t even a word.
IMG_2114 IMG_2118

Time to continue south…I feel like Denver is right around the corner!

5 thoughts on “03/16/2015 – 620 days/51363 miles

  1. You coming to Texas we have a Rally at Possum Kingdom Lake weekend of April 24 it’s cheap I will pay your way.Good food Canyon Riding private ranch Hog hunting if your in to that we can hunt at night with dogs on bikes.Lot’s of good riders from all over. Check it out Advrider.com Tejas Gulf States forum for pic’s of terrain. The Possum Trot Rally 2015.Anyway you get to Texas look me up I will meet you at the border show you wear to eat BBQ. HarryHappyHippy Orange Crush 1190 Skid do

    • I wish I could make it, Jeff! BBQ, hunting, and riding…sounds like a blast! Unfortunately, I’ll be wrapping my trip up in just a few days, and I’ll be back in the midwest at the end of April. I’ll keep it in mind for next year though.

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