03/06/2015 – 610 days/50230 miles

Well, it’s a couple weeks later than expected, but my bike has finally arrived in Vancouver.
I got to Vancouver a few days before the bike arrived, and stayed with my buddy Alex, who I’d met a month prior in Hawaii.
Most of my time was spent checking out the various local beers while anxiously waiting for my bike.
My consensus is that it’s a pretty great city…I think I could live there if it weren’t for the ridiculously high cost of living.
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01/26/2015 – 571 days/49882 miles

When I made plans to leave New Zealand, I had a few options. First, my bike was going by boat to Vancouver, so I was in no rush to get there, which allowed me to fly back home and spend a few weeks visiting some family and friends in Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado. The next thing I had to decide was if I wanted to fly directly from Christchurch to Minnesota, or if I should head somewhere else first. When I started looking, a few days in Hawaii seemed to be an option that didn’t cost any more than flying directly to Minnesota. As I messed around with the dates a bit, I found that I could fly to Maui, stay six nights, then fly to Minnesota for $60 less (including 6 nights accommodation) than a direct flight from Christchurch to Minneapolis…pretty easy decision.
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08/14/2013 – 41 days/3919 miles

When I was 11, my family went on a road trip that included a stop in Toronto.  The part of that trip that sticks out the most in my memory was visiting Casa Loma, so when I decided to visit Toronto again, I knew that if I was to do one touristy thing, it would be to revisit Casa Loma.

08/12/2013 – 39 days/3919 miles

I stopped in Chicago for a couple days to visit my cousin’s family. Despite having not spent much time in Chicago, I was mostly just interested in hanging out with them and wasn’t too concerned with checking out the city. But I did manage to go for a chilly swim in Lake Michigan and eat some fantastic pizza (deep dish > thin crust, end of story).
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