07/16/2013 – 12 days/1671 miles

I’ve spent the last week around Minnesota and Iowa, visiting friends and family, and in between seeing people, I’ve been staring at a pile of maps into the wee hours of the mornings.
photo copyI have my route across Europe mostly planned, which I’m sure will change drastically after I’ve been there for about a week. I’m still waiting for some more info on obtaining visas for some countries I want to visit…it looks like I should be able to get some right at the border crossings, which will be nice, but some are going to require visits (and probably lots of waiting) to various embassies. Once I know which embassies I need to visit, I’ll try to find major cities that I can stop in to knock out multiple visas at a time, but I’m sure that’s easier said than done.
I’ll stay around the midwest for a couple more weeks, mostly just doing more last minute planning and waiting on my niece to be born so I can see her before I leave.

Updates will probably be somewhat limited for the next couple weeks, until I start heading east, and then I’ll hope to have a couple updates a week (depending on internet connectivity, of course)

4 thoughts on “07/16/2013 – 12 days/1671 miles

  1. Hey Pat,
    I’m leaving from AZ going to Labrador in 2 weeks. If your on the road in the NE part of the country I would love to look at your maps and buy you an adult beverage.
    Enjoy your travels, I know I am.

    • Hey Darrel, I’ll be leaving Chicago on the 9th and heading up to Toronto. That’ll be my last stop in N America, then I fly out of Toronto to Scotland (on the 14th). Are you gonna be in the area at all, or will you be further east?

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