07/07/2013 – 3 days/1199 miles

I got packed up and headed out for Ten Sleep, Wyoming, knowing that a lot of the riding during the first part of the trip is not only going to be highways, but highways I’ve ridden numerous times before, so I’m fully expecting some kinda boring sections. That being said, the ride from Buffalo to Ten Sleep was fantastic…a nice winding road with some beautiful views.
IMG_2277 IMG_2278 Shortly after getting to the campsite and starting to unload the bike for the first night of camping, the rain and hail (of course!) began. It continued to rain just enough for the next couple days to keep everything sufficiently damp.
The climbing (as little as I did) at Ten Sleep was great, and a definite reminder of how long its been since I’ve climbed regularly. I’m sure it’s a place I’ll visit again once I’m settled back in Colorado.

                Martha (Professional)                                                   Me (Weakling)






On Sunday morning, it was time to head east to my brother’s place in Fergus Falls, MN, going through Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and finally Minnesota. I can’t decide if the highlight of the ride was passing three towns called Buffalo, or getting to see Salem Sue, the world’s largest holstein cow.

IMG_2279 After arriving at my brother’s I was reminded of how many more bugs there are in the Midwest than in Colorado…
IMG_2283 Even though I’m pretty tired from the long day of riding (761 miles, ~13 hours), it was great to see that it’s doable to put that many hours and miles in, as I’m sure it’ll have to be done again at some point.


7 thoughts on “07/07/2013 – 3 days/1199 miles

  1. Hey Pat! It was great hanging out with you last Thursday night and I can’t wait for this upcoming weekend out on the lake! Have a fun and safe trip! I’ll check this website often for your updates! Take care!

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