07/04/2013 – 0 days/0 miles – Heading out tomorrow

Well, the 4th is my last night in Colorado. Gonna have breakfast with some friends tomorrow, then head up to Ten Sleep, WY for a couple days of climbing before I make my way to Minnesota. It feels kind of surreal to be leaving Colorado, knowing that it’ll be nearly a year before I’m back, but overall, I’m really excited to finally get this trip started

9 thoughts on “07/04/2013 – 0 days/0 miles – Heading out tomorrow

  1. Pat,
    Thanks for the link; I’ll definitely be using it to check on your progress. Remember if you don’t have an awesome time you can always say you did; nobody else is going to have the balls to do something like this and call you on BS. Good luck, be safe, and keep the shiny side up.

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