07/07/2013 – 3 days/1199 miles

I got packed up and headed out for Ten Sleep, Wyoming, knowing that a lot of the riding during the first part of the trip is not only going to be highways, but highways I’ve ridden numerous times before, so I’m fully expecting some kinda boring sections. That being said, the ride from Buffalo to Ten Sleep was fantastic…a nice winding road with some beautiful views. Continue reading

07/04/2013 – 0 days/0 miles – Heading out tomorrow

Well, the 4th is my last night in Colorado. Gonna have breakfast with some friends tomorrow, then head up to Ten Sleep, WY for a couple days of climbing before I make my way to Minnesota. It feels kind of surreal to be leaving Colorado, knowing that it’ll be nearly a year before I’m back, but overall, I’m really excited to finally get this trip started