01/19/2015 – 564 days/49882 miles

My time in New Zealand has come to an end. My bike is crated up and ready to be loaded on a boat, bound for Vancouver. While I’m waiting for it to arrive there, I’ll fly back to the US to spend a few weeks visiting some family and friends.
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01/02/2015 – 547 days/48829 miles

For Christmas and New Years, I headed back up to the north island to spend the holidays with some friends that I’d met earlier on in New Zealand.

On the way north, I stopped just past Kaikoura, where there is yet another place to see seals. But at this one, there were loads of baby seals learning how to walk and swim.
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12/17/2014 – 531 days/47574 miles

Invercargill is pretty much at the south end of the South Island, and also the home of Burt Munro, who the movie “World’s Fastest Indian” is based on.
The museum in town has an exhibit about him, but his actual Indian motorcycle is on display at the E Hayes hardware store in town.
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12/13/2014 – 527 days/47120 miles

I could’ve easily stayed in Wanaka for a week or more, but I had to move on, in search of adrenaline and cheeseburgers….aaaand womens underwear?
I’m not sure what this bra covered fence is all about, but I couldn’t just pass it without taking a picture.
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