11/30/2014 – 514 days/45416 miles

This one’s just a continuation of my time in Takaka…

The one long hike I did was to the top of Parapara Peak. It’s a great option for a long day out, and it must not see too much traffic, because the trail is not very well manicured, which I guess could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.
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05/02/2014 – 302 days/26446 miles

While fixing my bike yesterday, I noticed my buddy John (who I met in Laos a few months prior) walking by. Yet another random reunion with someone I’d met earlier.
The next morning, he and I hiked up to one of the big tea plantations in the area.
Our first big find once we got started hiking was this beast of a millipede…probably was almost a foot long.
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01/08/2014 – 188 days/17496 miles

photoFrom Chandigarh, I had a full day of riding (on the roughest paved road I’ve ever seen) to get to Mcleodganj. First thing in the morning when I left, there was a very light fog…just enough to accumulate on my visor and blur my vision, but little did I know, it wasn’t enough to keep the dust down. So every couple minutes, I’d use the trusty finger squeegee on my left glove to clear my visor. Unfortunately, with each swipe, not only was I wiping away water, but I was also slightly scuffing the visor with the dust that was being kicked up from the road. When the fog cleared a couple hours in, my visor was definitely not clear…shit. Luckily, I typically like to have the visor up when the weather is good, so it’s at least not the worst thing. But by the end of the day, the amount of diesel exhaust I drove through was pretty obvious.

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