12/08/2014 – 522 days/46711 miles

Two days in Kaikoura was enough, so I headed back to the west coast, via Arthur’s Pass. There are too many mountain pass roads on the South Island to just stick to the coast, so some zigzagging is on my agenda.
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12/05/2014 – 519 days/46376 miles

After my short stay on the west coast, I headed back east, to Kaikoura. My route led me over Lewis Pass, which lived up to my expectations, I’d been told it was a very scenic road.
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11/23/2014 – 507 days/45019 miles

Apparently Chicago is called “The Windy City” not because of the wind blowing off of Lake Michigan, but because of the hot wind blowing from politician’s mouths.
Wellington is called “Windy Welly” because it’s insanely windy.
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11/18/2014 – 502 days/45003 miles

I had a fairly windy ride getting in to Napier, but it was nothing compared to the endless, gusting, hurricane-force winds I rode through when I left. The worst thing about it wasn’t the huge gusts, but the fact that it could make a 180 degree change in direction at the drop of a hat, forcing me to make a quick change in the angle of the bike to compensate for it and sliding clear across the lane, hoping I wouldn’t be blown either off the road or into oncoming traffic. Mile for mile, I can’t think of a more exhausting day of riding (on paved roads, at least)

This is just south of Napier, in Hastings…I took a quick ride up Te Mata peak, and yes, it was windy as hell on the top
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