11/23/2014 – 507 days/45019 miles

Apparently Chicago is called “The Windy City” not because of the wind blowing off of Lake Michigan, but because of the hot wind blowing from politician’s mouths.
Wellington is called “Windy Welly” because it’s insanely windy.

IMG_0621 IMG_0624
IMG_0625 IMG_0628
IMG_0629 IMG_0630

Mount Victoria is the high point in the city, and provides a nice ariel view of the area

The Te Papa museum is a must see in Wellington. Not only is there plenty to see there, but it’s free, and also, it’ll provide you will a half day’s worth of protection from the wind!
They’ve got some dead things
A few more dead things
IMG_0420 IMG_0421
And models of some extinct things

And when you’re ready to brave the wind (and possibly rain) again, the Botanical Gardens is worth checking out.
IMG_0445 IMG_0447
And even outside of the botanical gardens, I was impressed with how remote some of the parks throughout
Wellington felt…it was hard to imagine that walking just 10 minutes would put you right back into the middle of a city.

And as my time on the North Island is coming to and end, here’s a little video of some of the highlights (most of which have probably already been up on previous posts).

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