11/30/2014 – 514 days/45416 miles

This one’s just a continuation of my time in Takaka…

The one long hike I did was to the top of Parapara Peak. It’s a great option for a long day out, and it must not see too much traffic, because the trail is not very well manicured, which I guess could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.
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03/05/2014 – 244 days/21885 miles

From Phonsavan, I had a long day of riding to get to Ban Nahin, which is near the Kong Lo cave (Tham Kong Lo)
I’m starting to find that as soon as you get off the few main roads in Laos, long stretches of dirt become fairly common.
I’m also starting to find that I’m getting more tired with each day…lots of hours on rough roads are starting to take their toll. And for anyone out there who thinks riding a motorcycle can’t be that physical, try it out.
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