07/22/2014 – 383 days/30717 miles

I’ve met a fair number of other overland travelers in Dili. Anyone that’s going from Indonesia to Australia, or vice versa, is bound to spend a bit of time in Dili, as that’s where the main route for shipping cars or bikes goes through.
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07/20/2014 – 381 days/30717 miles

There aren’t a ton of touristy things to do in Dili, but the two main things that everyone seems to visit are the statue of Jesus and the Resistance Museum.
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07/06/2014 – 365 days/30717 miles

Mr. Ramelau (Tatamailau, in Tetum, which translates to ‘grandfather of all’) is the highest peak (2986m) in both the country of East Timor, and the whole island of Timor. During the Portuguese colonial period, it was also considered the highest mountain of Portugal.
A few friends and I decided to brave the cold and darkness and hike up to the top to see the sunrise.
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