06/17/2014 – 348 days/29955 miles

Unfortunately, Lombok and Sumbawa have been a little bit of a blur.
We’re on a bit of a schedule to get to Dili in time to hopefully catch a boat to Australia, which has made the last few days a bit fast, but should allow for a little bit of slowing down once we get to Flores.

The roads on Lombok and Sumbawa have been surprisingly good, and both places are beautiful. It’s a shame I can’t spend more time on Sumbawa, as it feels the least touristy of anywhere else I’ve been in Indonesia. People have been more hospitable here than pretty much anywhere else, which I’d say is directly caused by this lack of exposure to tourism.
Here’s me in my throne, in a house we were invited into for lunch.

Sape is our last stop on Sumbawa before getting to Flores and taking a bit of a break.
IMG_8093 IMG_8106
In Sape, we saw a boat that was being built, and the guys working there let us walk around and check it out…amazing craftsmanship, especially considering it was pretty much all being built with simple hand tools.
IMG_8127  IMG_8128
8108 10 14
27 28

OK, not much else to say, as the days have just been filled with riding recently, but here’s a few pictures.
Unintentional photobomb!
Maybe the only life raft on the ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa?


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