06/23/2014 – 354 days/30259 miles

After the komodo dragon trip, we got back to Flores and headed east, wanting to see the Kelimutu lakes.


This is a pretty normal thing to see through India and SE Asia, but I don’t think I’ve every really posted photos…by western standards, vehicles (trucks, pickups, buses, vans, motorcycle, bicycles) are typically just a bit overloaded…
IMG_8291 IMG_8293

From the town of Moni, it was just a short drive, followed by a short walk, up to the viewpoint of the Kelimutu Lakes.
The Kelimutu Volcano has three craters, each one now containing a lake of an extremely vivid (and sometimes changing) color.

The lakes contain large amounts of minerals, which give them their color, and it’s thought that minor volcanic activity and subsequent gas emissions create a reaction with these minerals that can alter the colors from black to red to green to blue.

And like every SE Asian tourist attraction, there were monkeys everywhere.
IMG_8357 IMG_8363

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