08/21/2014 – 413 days/34221 miles

Exmouth was the next stop on the list.
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06/20/2014 – 351 days/29955 miles

The first thing we did once we landed in Flores was to turn around and get in another boat, sans bikes, to head to Rinca Island and Komodo Island, and hopefully see some komodo dragons, which we fortunately did.
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04/06/2014 – 276 days/24291 miles

At this point, I had now real plans moving forward…All I wanted to do was head south towards Malaysia. It just so happens that there are a few islands that are popular destinations in the south of Thailand…so, Koh Tao it is!

In Thai, Koh (sometimes written Ko, in order to save ink by eliminating the useless H) is island, so if you hear someone talking about a destination in Thailand that starts with Koh (Koh Lanta, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, etc), its bound to be an island. And Tao means turtle, so I’m off to Turtle Island, where Splinter is the mayor, and I’m hoping to not have a run in with Bebop and Rocksteady.

From Bangkok, I headed south towards Chumphon, to catch the ferry to Koh Tao. On the way, I had an incident with a beer cooler…
photo 1   photo 2
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