05/02/2014 – 302 days/26446 miles

While fixing my bike yesterday, I noticed my buddy John (who I met in Laos a few months prior) walking by. Yet another random reunion with someone I’d met earlier.
The next morning, he and I hiked up to one of the big tea plantations in the area.
Our first big find once we got started hiking was this beast of a millipede…probably was almost a foot long.
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05/01/2014 – 301 days/26446 miles

Riding from Kuala Lumpur to the Cameron Highlands was incredible. First the road was nice, fast, and curvy. Highway C156 was the best portion of it by far…if you find yourself in Malaysia, get a bike and make a few passes up and down that road…you won’t be disappointed. Almost as important as the amazing riding was the dropping temperatures. This is the first place I’ve been in SE Asia where having a room with AC isn’t important and a blanket is necessary. I think it’s the first time I’ve quit sweating since the middle of January, and I can’t say enough how nice it felt.
All of those wonderful feelings left immediately the next morning when I tried to start my bike and all I heard was the single click of the starter switch and nothing else.
Did I forget to turn the key? Is the kickstand down and the bike in gear? Am I overlooking some other incredibly basic thing?
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