05/02/2014 – 302 days/26446 miles

While fixing my bike yesterday, I noticed my buddy John (who I met in Laos a few months prior) walking by. Yet another random reunion with someone I’d met earlier.
The next morning, he and I hiked up to one of the big tea plantations in the area.
Our first big find once we got started hiking was this beast of a millipede…probably was almost a foot long.

The hillsides are covered in tea plants, which give a unique and fascinatingly green look.
IMG_6785 IMG_6787

I’m glad I still had one free day here to get to explore the area a little bit, as my previous day had been occupied with working on the bike. One full day was enough though, and I need to make my way to Penang tomorrow so I can get my Indonesian Visa and shipment of the bike to Sumatra sorted out, along with figuring out what I want to do for a permanent solution to this whole switch ordeal.

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