09/12/2014 – 435 days/39951 miles

Outside of the Flinder’s Range, I made my way towards the Grampians National Park. On the way, I passed Pink Lake…pretty creative name!

It’s a saltwater lake where a specific type of algae thrives that secretes a pink dye.

Further down the road, I started to get into the Grampians.

After the beautiful twisty roads through the mountains, I got down near the coast, for another good bit of road.
If you’ve read any of the various magazine articles/blog posts/etc. about the best motorcycle rides around the world, you may know about the Great Ocean Road, which seems to pop up on them from time to time.
I’d heard a lot about it before getting here, which had me pretty excited about finally being able to ride it. It ended up being awesome, with both wonderful scenery, and great twisty roads.
IMG_9685 IMG_9686
IMG_9696 IMG_9702
IMG_9705 IMG_9706

This great bit of road led me straight into Melbourne, where I’ll take it easy for a few days visiting some friends, and hopefully not having quite so many seemingly endless days on the bike.

1 thought on “09/12/2014 – 435 days/39951 miles

  1. Hi Pat! I don’t comment a lot but I can ensure you that I greatly enjoy your updates 😉

    Since being a child I always wanted to travel to Australia, which is in just the other side of the world from whre I live (more or less, because the exact point is somewhere near to NZ). Now, as an adult, I find myself wanting to do it on a motorcycle and include some Asian countries in the tour (thanks to your stories and other similars).

    Keep posting and be safe! 😀

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