09/21/2014 – 444 days/40958 miles

From Melbourne, I took a couple days to ride up to Tottenham, a small town that wouldn’t typically end up on the list of places to see in Australia.
I took the scenic route on the way up, via the Great Alpine Road

As it’s called the Great Alpine Road, it wasn’t that surprising that it got fairly cold, and even a bit snowy over the high pass.
IMG_9758 IMG_9761

My reason behind heading to Tottenham was to go to the Far Cairn rally, at the Tottenham horse racing track. A few guys I met while riding on the Gibb River Road mentioned that it was happening, so I figured if I was in the area, I might as well check it out.
The weekend mostly involved drinking beer and talking shit about motorcycle…pretty good if you ask me!
And someone might have snuck a wine bottle filled with gasoline into the bonfire…

After the rally, a few of us spent an extra day in the area, and we check out a local race that was a few towns away.
IMG_9796 IMG_9797

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