10/05/2014 – 458 days/42414 miles

My reason for going to Beaudesert was for the Horizon’s Unlimited gathering in Queensland. If you have any interest in overland travel, check out Horizon’s Unlimited, as there is loads of information shared on their website and forum. Or better yet, if you can get to one of the weekend events, it’s a great way to meet other travelers, hear & share stories, and get information that could help with future travels.

I met some great folks over the weekend, and the various presentations were very informative and inspirational.

Christophe Barriere-Varju had always dreamed of finishing the Dakar Rally, and on his fourth attempt, he finally accomplished it. Dreamracer is a great documentary following him through this journey. He brought along the KTM that he raced on.
IMG_0100   IMG_0104

Stuart Ball organizes the annual Great Australian Ride, which takes about 20 days and goes from the eastern most point of Australia to the western most point (Byron Bay to Steep Point), straight across the center of the country, through some fairly rough terrain. Oh, and they raise a pile of money for charity every year.

This is Tex and his dog, Bundy. They’ve ridden over 700,000km around Australian, raising loads money for all kinds of various charities. Bundy holds the record for fastest dog on a motorcycle at 283kph, and her longest distance in 24hrs is 2200km!

And to finish up, here is a wonderful little pannier modification that I think I’ll be making once I get home.

4 thoughts on “10/05/2014 – 458 days/42414 miles

  1. Making pannier modifications “once I get home”…That’s the first indication you’ve made that you’re actually COMING HOME. I like it.

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