10/12/2014 – 465 days/42645 miles

From Straddie, I headed back south to Byron Bay. If you like dreadlocks and not showering, this is the place for you!
OK, so it’s not that bad…it’s pretty great, in fact.

The beaches are great, and there was a brewery next to the hostel I was staying in…what more does one need?
It’s definitely a very touristy place, so if you’re looking for somewhere quieter, there are plenty of options both north and south of Byron, still along the coast.
IMG_0171 IMG_0172
IMG_0163 IMG_0167

Oh, and it’s not just dreads that are everywhere…there are also lizards (there is probably a more correct term for them, but I’m sticking to lizard) all over the place down here.

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