08/25/2013 – 52 days/6188 miles

While I was in Canada, I had made a post on a forum that mentioned something about flying my bike to the UK. Shortly thereafter, I got an email from a fellow motorcyclist in the UK saying that if I was planning to be in SW England, I would have a place to stay.

Since then, I changed from my original plans to spend my last few days in the UK in London, and decided to head to Land’s End instead. The name is fitting, as it literally is the end of the land…the furthest SW point in the UK
IMG_2764    IMG_2765    IMG_2769
IMG_2775    IMG_2779    IMG_2781

My host, Tiffany, has travelled across the world extensively, clocking over 200,000 miles on her R80GS. She recently returned from South America, and in September, she’s heading to Madagascar for a 3 month adventure. So on top of having a great place to stay in this lovely part of the country, I also was able to get a couple words of wisdom, as she’s obviously seen a lot!

This morning, I left Land’s End to head towards Dover. I’ll take the Chunnel tomorrow morning, so my plan was to just end up somewhere near there for the night.
On the way, I stopped at Stonehenge, which wasn’t really what I expected. I paid £8 and walked over to a pile of large stones in a field with about 4000 other people. I’ve always heard people talking about some sort of spiritual connection to it, but all that mystic is gone when you’re surrounded by people and there’s a crowded giftshop one hundred yards away.
Near Stonehenge is Avebury, a monument of similar significance, although not nearly as crowded. Its a huge circle of stones (420m diameter) with two smaller circles on the inside. This one was much more interesting to see, as you could actually walk around it, get up near the stones, and not be surrounded by so many people.


3 thoughts on “08/25/2013 – 52 days/6188 miles

  1. Hello everybody, I’m Pascal, I’m French. I host Pat at home. It’s a great guy, but beware it’s a very greedy man! He loves French food, the red wine, my garden potatos and tomatos ! And my homemade yogurts !! :-))
    This is an Epicurean.
    Don’t worry, he’s not complicated ! This is a good biker, with a good traveler mentality !

    Thanks Pat for this beautiful evening. One day it will be my turn to go your home, with my old BMW R100GS. Good road.

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