08/25/2013 – 52 days/6188 miles

While I was in Canada, I had made a post on a forum that mentioned something about flying my bike to the UK. Shortly thereafter, I got an email from a fellow motorcyclist in the UK saying that if I was planning to be in SW England, I would have a place to stay.
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08/23/2013 – 50 days/5713 miles

In the US, roundabouts lie somewhere between uncommon and unheard of. But despite rarely coming across them back home, I don’t really understand the confusion that they can bring about…it seems to be a pretty simple idea. But I must admit that one in particular threw me off…I’ll call it the double roundabout. I think the goal here is to enter, complete two figure eights, and exit without crashing…upon completion, the mayor presents you with the key to the city.
roundabout sign_a
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