10/27/2013 – 115 days/11827 miles

Six years ago when I went to Glacier National Park, many people old me that I better be ready for the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. It made me a bit nervous, as I felt that it wouldn’t be able to live up to my expectations. Fortunately, it far exceeded what I was expecting.
Coming to Budapest has been very similar…everyone had told me that it’s wonderful, so I’d braced myself to be a little unimpressed.
I’m happy to say that as I rolled into the city at dusk, my mind was blown.
This is, by far, the most beautiful city I’ve ever been too. Prague is probably second…and a fairly distant second. And that’s saying a lot, because Prague is no slouch in this department.

On the 25th, I ended up visiting 3 capitals…Left Bratislava in the morning, had lunch in Vienna, and got to Budapest in the evening.
IMG_0998       IMG_1000       IMG_1003

My original plan didn’t have me visiting Budapest. I was going to go from Poland to Romania, then head south, bypassing Slovakia and Hungary, but at this point I’m fine with my decision…I’m sure either route would’ve been great.

Ok, here are a lot of pictures…hopefully your AOL connection is strong and no one picks up the phone while they’re loading.

The parliment building…I became obsessed with it almost immediately.
IMG_1161    IMG_1142    IMG_1136

St. Stephen Basilica
I almost didn’t enter, thinking it would be the same as the countless other huge cathedrals in Europe…but no…this place was incredible.
The one thing that frustrated me about entering was that they were collecting what seemed to be a mandatory “donation” for €2 to get in, which helped cover the upkeep on the building. Maybe the Catholic Church wouldn’t need the cash if they weren’t spending so much on the lawyers defending child molesters. Ok, regardless of my thoughts on that, this place was something to see.
IMG_1018       IMG_1019       IMG_1022

Vajdahunyad Castle
It was built in 1896 as part of a millennial exhibition, celebrating 1000 years of Hungary. It was meant to show many various architectural styles that are seen throughout Hungary…also, note the royal hockey rink
IMG_1038    IMG_1039    IMG_1042
As I approached this statue, I was curious to see who the Washington-looking Hungarian was. Turns out it’s actually a statue of George Washington

Liberty Statue

Cave Church

Matthias Church
IMG_1143           IMG_1144           IMG_1156

IMG_1112    IMG_1092    IMG_1110

It’s been kind of hazy here, which is why a lot of these photos aren’t super clear…
IMG_1134           IMG_1010
IMG_1066    IMG_1072    IMG_1063
IMG_1137           IMG_1124
IMG_1064           IMG_1054

5 thoughts on “10/27/2013 – 115 days/11827 miles

  1. Have followed your exploits off and on. Great adventure and marvelous pictures.
    Australia and India ? No moss growing on you.
    Have a great time! ! !

  2. That GW statue couldn’t be more American. Also, I think you should write a letter to the Catholic Church expressing your concerns and advice on how they can save some money.

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