01/26/2014 – 206 days/18725 miles

Here’s just a couple more photos from my last couple days in Kathmandu…and I’m off to Bangkok in the morning!

Himalayas from a plane…
IMG_4393           IMG_4394

That’s Everest
IMG_4405           IMG_4410

Boudhanath Temple…one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world
IMG_4438           IMG_4442
IMG_4450        IMG_4452

1 thought on “01/26/2014 – 206 days/18725 miles

  1. That is THE MOUNTAIN (yes, capital letters). I’m sure that most of the people in the world know its name. For long time it was a challenge, inspiring peoples imagination and efforts to reach it. Sadly, not long time ago I read on the National Geographic that the base camp is a crowded place, and too much people die because non being enough ready, and also the greed from others :S

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