08/05/2014 – 397 days/31321 miles

While I was still waiting on my front sprocket to show up, I took a quick trip out to Kakadu National Park.

There’s Aboriginal rock are all over in Kakadu…over 5,000 sites are spread across the park. The act of creating the painting is more important than the painting itself, so often times, you’ll find spots where new paintings are on top of the old. It’s also interesting to see how the style of painting has changed over time – the older paintings are usually much more basic, and with only a single color of paint.
IMG_8710 IMG_8711
IMG_8708 IMG_8713
IMG_8716  IMG_8718
IMG_8754 IMG_8761

Aside from the rock art, Kakadu is also very well known for its large and diverse animal population
What’s been the most interesting animal to see here is the saltwater crocodiles. I’d never seen anything like this outside of captivity before now, and it’s definitely a bit intimidating to see them in the wild.
Just up river from these guys that are fishing are some crocs that are also fishing…smart…
IMG_8624 IMG_8623

There are lots of interesting birds around…some of which I only thought existed in zoos, until now
IMG_8645 IMG_8748
IMG_8663 IMG_8666

And then there’s these…I could’ve done without these

Though I did see plenty of wildlife in the park, I’m still a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see a unicorn

Even if they’re not painted on, some of the rock formations around the park are pretty interestings
IMG_8653 IMG_8654

These columns are termite mounds…these ones are probably about 4-6ft high
IMG_8785 IMG_8777

And here are some of the amazing views of the surrounding area
IMG_8725 IMG_8766

Tomorrow morning, I’ll head back to Darwin, and either be thrilled that my front sprocket has shown up, or pissed off because my front sprocket has not shown up…lets hope for option A.

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