11/01/2014 – 485 days/43251 miles

I’m just a couple days out of Auckland, and I already can’t get over how beautiful New Zealand is.

IMG_0303 IMG_0305

For my first night on the road, I stayed in a quite little town called Ahipara. This would be a perfect place to get stuck for a week or so…it’s a laid back little spot and the place I stayed (Endless Summer Lodge) was one of the best places I’ve stayed in a while.

Just down the beach from where I was staying was a huge sand dune…perfect for sledding
So I spent a half day over there with some of the other folks staying at the hostel
IMG_0322 IMG_0323
And on the way back from the dunes, we collected some dinner

I also made a day trip up to Cape Reinga, the far north of the north island, which reinforced my belief that New Zealand might just be the most scenic place on earth.
IMG_0355 IMG_0360
IMG_0362 IMG_0365

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