11/17/2014 – 501 days/44741 miles

With the continued rain fall, my plans to head west were seeming less exciting…but the forecast for the next few days was sunny (and also windy as hell, it turns out) on the east coast, so I changed my plans and headed east to Napier.

Napier is well known as a very art deco town. In 1931, most of the city was destroyed by a massive earthquake, which also killed 256 people. The reconstruction after the earthquake utilized the architectural style of that period, which makes the city feel a little bit like it’s frozen in time.
IMG_0594 IMG_0595
IMG_0590  IMG_0591
IMG_0596  IMG_0598
And of course they play up the theme with tours around town in these old school cars
IMG_0568 IMG_0570

They’ve also got some gardens in town…
IMG_0574 IMG_0575

…and the non-art deco district…
IMG_0580 IMG_0581

Next stop is Wellington, which should bring my time on the north island to an end.

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