03/26/2015 – 630 days/52769 miles

After Death Valley, I headed further south to make my last stop in California…Joshua Tree.

IMG_2157 IMG_2158

I spent a few days hiking around the park, and another day riding around a few of the dirt tracks.
Immediately after leaving the park boundary, via the Berdoo Canyon Road (which is a nice little ride), I came upon a shooting range for assholes (before anyone gets butthurt, I’m absolutely not saying people with guns are assholes, I’m saying people who litter are assholes).
The area was covered in shotgun shells and various furniture and appliances that had been used as targets. Shooting guns is fun and all, but at least clean your shit up.

IMG_2158 2 IMG_2159

And the last, and most important photo from Joshua Tree…the classiest campsite in the park. I shared my site with four girls from Napa who showed up with a seemingly unlimited supply of wine and some skills in campsite decoration.

Next stop is Las Vegas, then I’m heading back to Denver!

6 thoughts on “03/26/2015 – 630 days/52769 miles

  1. Hi Pat ! Hope that in Las Vegas you will earn so much money that you can begin a new trip around the world 🙂 Maybe south America ?
    Thinking often about you. Have a nice trip back to Denver. Enjoy !
    Ségolène & Pascal (French)

  2. Your statement about the shooting range for assholes was right on the money. Throwing garbage anywhere pisses me off but in cases like this I always refer back to my fathers favorite saying, ” Don’t shit where you eat”.

    • Exactly, and it’s a shame when it potentially makes everyone involved in a sport/hobby/activity look bad (and unfortunately, it happens in every sport/hobby/activity…none seem to be exempt)

  3. Just stumbled on to your blog…I wish I would have found it during your process so I could have lived vicariously through you. I may have missed it somewhere, what kind of overall cost did this adventure have?

    • Hey Curt,
      My budget for the trip was $100 a day (which included all expenses). Shipping the bike was by far my largest expense (probably around 1/4 of my total cost). So making a trip with no (or at least minimal) need to ship the bike places would decrease that by a bit.

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