03/31/2014 – 270 days/23938 miles

Getting out of Cambodia was a breeze. I’d heard plenty of stories that there would be extensive waiting and bribery required both while entering and exiting, but I had the exact opposite experience. It’s probably been my easiest country to enter and exit, and no bribes were required on either end.
When I entered back into Thailand, I was immediately greeted with the amazing Thai roads that I’d been missing. Curvy, hilly, smooth, and relatively empty…perfect
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02/01/2014 – 212 days/18770 miles

Thailand is one of the 3 countries (US and Canada don’t count) on this trip that I’m seeing for the second time, and its the last of the three.
I arrived in Bangkok, from Kathmandu, and immediately felt different about the city than I did on my first visit. At first, it felt crowded, busy, loud, and dirty…to be honest, I didn’t really like it, and didn’t have any desire to come back. Arriving this time, with a different perspective, it feels much more calm and comfortable.

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