10/11/2013 – 99 days/11333 miles

The village I’m in is called Nemčičky, which is in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic.  This area has a really strong wine culture (To put into perspective how important wine is in this region…in Nemčičky, they produce 2000 liters of wine per resident annually), and the majority of the houses here (and in the nearby villages) have wine cellars in their backyards.  Although they are used a little less often today, it is still very common for the families in the area to make enough wine for their own consumption.
And if having a small wine cellar in your backyard isn’t enough, there’s a place in the nearby town of Vrbice where you can buy or rent a wine cellar.  These are built into the hillside, and there are 12 different levels of them as you go up or down the hill.