10/20/2013 – 108 days/11472 miles

At a glance, an address from another country can sometimes be a little bit confusing, but it’s really been interesting to see how different the addresses in small villages can be.  For example, in Nemčičky, where I’m staying now, street names apparently are not necessary.  It’s a small enough place that everything just has a number.  And on top of that, the numbers don’t seem to line up in any way that would make it possible for an outsider to predict where a given house is.
An example of the order of house numbers I saw while walking down the main street…all these are from the same side of the road:
206, 92, 180, 159, 162, 179

10/16/2013 – 104 days/11433 miles

Good news!  I just got word last night that my passport with an Indian visa arrived at my parents house.  So they’re shipping it to me today…should be here in two days!
I’ll probably still stick around here for a few more days before moving on.

10/11/2013 – 99 days/11333 miles

The village I’m in is called Nemčičky, which is in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic.  This area has a really strong wine culture (To put into perspective how important wine is in this region…in Nemčičky, they produce 2000 liters of wine per resident annually), and the majority of the houses here (and in the nearby villages) have wine cellars in their backyards.  Although they are used a little less often today, it is still very common for the families in the area to make enough wine for their own consumption.
And if having a small wine cellar in your backyard isn’t enough, there’s a place in the nearby town of Vrbice where you can buy or rent a wine cellar.  These are built into the hillside, and there are 12 different levels of them as you go up or down the hill.

10/10/2013 – 98 days/11132 miles

My plans have changed slightly…I’m waiting to get a visa for India, and this involves sending my passport to the office of a 3rd party company in Houston that doesn’t seem nearly as organized as they should be.  I was hoping I could just have stopped at an Indian embassy somewhere in Europe and have it taken care of there, but this seems to be the only option.  So I sent my passport to my parents, and they sent it in to the company that will supply the visa, and once they get it back, they will ship it back to wherever I am at the time.
With my passport in Texas, I can’t leave the Schengen zone, so while I wait out the visa process, I’ve decided to go back to the Czech Republic and work at a farm/vineyard/winery.

09/17/2013 – 75 days/9600 miles

I vaguely remember hearing of the Sedlec Ossuary in the past, but basically, all that I knew was that there was a church somewhere with a bunch of bones in it (my parents probably should have given me the middle name “Britannica”).
Its located in the town of Kutnà Hora, just a little east of Prague, so I made the quick trip over there.
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09/16/2013 – 74 days/9600 miles

For a while now, I’ve been excited to get past Germany. There was a lot that I wanted to do up to that point, and I’ve had an amazing time up until now, but I felt like leaving would be a bit of a turning point for me, for a few reasons. First, I don’t have any friends to go visit anymore, so everyone is new, at this point. Similarly, everything is new…I spent a couple weeks in Germany a few years ago, I understand a tiny bit of German (and speak even less), so it’s not as big of a challenge as other places could be. And finally, though this is purely speculation on my part, I feel like things, as a whole, are going to be getting more different than I’m used to, having spent my first 30 years almost entirely in the US.
So, off to the Czech Republic I go!
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