10/16/2013 – 104 days/11433 miles

Good news!  I just got word last night that my passport with an Indian visa arrived at my parents house.  So they’re shipping it to me today…should be here in two days!
I’ll probably still stick around here for a few more days before moving on.
This little working stint has been surprisingly refreshing, and the learning experience has been really great.  Richard is incredibly knowledgable, and is really open to explaining how and why he does every step of the winemaking process, which is really fascinating because of my interest in brewing.  In the last year, I’d thought of the possibility of trying to make wine, and maybe even trying out distilling, and after this, I think I’ll have to look into both much more seriously once I’m back home.
IMG_0717           IMG_0716
Also, having a little structure (this is surprising to me), and working outside a bit really has been a nice break.  Plus it’s nice to have a reason to stay in a small town for an extended period of time and get to know some people.  And the three amazing home cooked meals that I get every day, along with some wine/schnapps/brandy/etc. tastings in the evenings sure doesn’t hurt either.
Here’s the obligatory picture of the kids on the bike, and how could I forget one of Buddy, the dog.
photo121           photo122

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