08/01/2014 – 393 days/30733 miles

Getting to Darwin was completely comfortable in some ways, but a bit shocking at the same time. Although it looked so similar to a city in the US (which I should be totally used to after 30 years of living there), it still felt weird to not see any buildings with three walls and corrugated tin roofs.
Sure it might be “nicer” here, but I can’t decide if that’s necessarily better…yeah, it’s easier to get a good cup of coffee in an air conditioned restaurant here, but there’s no way you’re going to get a huge meal of fried chicken, rice, and vegetables for $1.50, and it’s a lot less likely that that cup of coffee is going to be served to you by someone who actually gives a shit about their job.
There’s plenty of other things and situations that could be compared, but I don’t have all day. Ask me about the subject over a couple beers sometime, and I’ll talk your ear off.
Although I gladly could’ve spent a lot more time in SE Asia, I couldn’t be more excited to be in Australia…I’m really looking forward to the long riding days ahead (though I may regret saying that when I’m in the middle of the long, straight, flat, treeless Nullarbor).
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