09/28/2013 – 86 days/10118 miles

imageI’m in Zakopane, Poland, in the Tatra Mountains, near the border with Slovakia.  I love it here, but unfortunately, it’s still raining quite a bit.
It’s absolutely beautiful, and pretty cheap too.  Sure it’s offseason, but even in the offseason in a similar town back home (say, Breckenridge), a hotel room hasn’t been had for $13 since 1947.  And then there’s the meals…amazingly delicious, and huge meals, all at TGI Friday’s prices…and good beer for cheap too!
And after a day of hiking in the cold rain, nothing beats a nice porter, with a garnish that’ll make you feel like you’re on the beach.

Oooo, and on the topic of food…oscypek. It’s smoked salty sheep milk cheese from the Tatras. They press them in wooden molds to give it a decorative shape. And it’s delicious.

First day here, I hiked up to Kasprowy Wierch, in the West Tatras.  For the first bit of the hike it was fairly clear, but once I got a bit higher, where the view should’ve gotten better, the fog/clouds got really thick.
IMG_0429    IMG_0430    IMG_0431
IMG_0425    IMG_0437    IMG_0439
The top of Kasprowy Wierch is on the ridge line that defines the border between Poland and Slovakia, and here’s the glorious view of Slovakia that I got at the top!

Another great hike (on a bit more clear day) was to a lake called Morskie Oko.
IMG_0463    IMG_0471    IMG_0478
IMG_0481       IMG_0494       IMG_0487
IMG_0498           IMG_0501

And yet another day of hiking…
IMG_0504    IMG_0509    IMG_0510
IMG_0517    IMG_0520    IMG_0521

In between hiking, I’ve been riding around the mountains…there are some nice roads, and even better views.
IMG_0443    IMG_0444    IMG_0452
IMG_0457           IMG_0461
And this cool little church that I found shortly after crossing into Slovakia.

3 thoughts on “09/28/2013 – 86 days/10118 miles

  1. Hello Pat ! That is such beautiful places :-). You’re a lucky guy (except maybe the weather!?). Hope you’ll find that kind of nice food, beautiful houses and landscapes during your all trip.
    We follow you through the web site and we love that. Have a good trip !!!

  2. Hi Pat, I have a proposal for you. We exchange our seats. You take my car and my PC, you visiting my customers and I take your bike and your road book!
    I’m jealous!
    Good road Pat, remains cautious.
    Segolene and me follow you Regularly!
    Continue to make us dream !!

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