10/05/2013 – 93 days/11132 miles

From Zakopane, I continued north to Gdynia to stay with a friend of a friend.
While there, my friends/hosts/tourguides Krzyzstof and Bart showed me around Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdańsk…tricities on the sea.  I had a couple days there to get shown around the area with good food, good beer, and great riding through the city, which makes riding around a city in the US feel like kindergarden.

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09/28/2013 – 86 days/10118 miles

imageI’m in Zakopane, Poland, in the Tatra Mountains, near the border with Slovakia.  I love it here, but unfortunately, it’s still raining quite a bit.
It’s absolutely beautiful, and pretty cheap too.  Sure it’s offseason, but even in the offseason in a similar town back home (say, Breckenridge), a hotel room hasn’t been had for $13 since 1947.  And then there’s the meals…amazingly delicious, and huge meals, all at TGI Friday’s prices…and good beer for cheap too!
And after a day of hiking in the cold rain, nothing beats a nice porter, with a garnish that’ll make you feel like you’re on the beach.
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09/22/2013 – 80 days/9909 miles

In the last two weeks, the weather has consisted mostly of rain…maybe a few hours of sun here and there, but mostly cloudy and rainy.  Riding isn’t as enjoyable; checking out a new city isn’t as enjoyable.
But thats the extent of my complaining…Back home (around Denver), they’ve gotten about 2.5 shit tons of rain, so overall, I’m fine with the weather I’ve had here.
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09/20/2013 – 78 Days/9909 miles

Auschwitz…as expected, it was spooky and depressing in a way that words can’t describe.  I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere that weighed so heavily on my mind, and it continues to after leaving.

Visiting the Dachau concentration camp a few years ago was rough, but Auschwitz was on a whole different level of scary.

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