05/18/2014 – 318 days/26922 miles

Lake Toba was our next destination…a somewhat touristy, but still fairly quiet place. The ride to Lake Toba was as nice as the destination itself (well…the views…not necessarily the roads…)

IMG_7397 IMG_7399

On the ride in, I nearly ran into a huge rooster…luckily I hit the brakes just in time for him to barely run to safety, only to be slammed into by an oncoming scooter half a second later, which flung him into Ben and Andrea, who were right behind me…sorry old friend.

The steam/smoke rising up here is from a volcano…Gunung Sinabung, maybe?

This bus will probably be retired any day now

And finally, Lake Toba
IMG_7407 IMG_7410
IMG_7417 IMG_7420

As we rode into town, we noticed a lot more churches, and fewer mosques, which meant one thing…restaurants would have pork!

We stayed in a traditional Batak house, which you see scattered throughout all the towns in Northern Sumatra. It’s a really interesting design, but the only issue is that the front door is tiny, about 2ftx2ft, so you have to crawl inside. Luckily the place didn’t catch fire or the three of us would’ve had a hell of a time getting out of there.

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