08/16/2014 – 408 days/33204 miles

With the bike loaded to the gills, we headed towards Karijini National Park, riding on roads that remind me a bit of the SW US

After putting on a decent bit of mileage through Australia, I’ve gotten used to seeing road trains, but the first one I saw was a bit shocking. Typically, they have 3 trailers, but sometimes you’ll see them with 4.
I saw one sign that said the road trains were limited to a length of 53.5 meters. For those of you thinking in feet, thats 175!
And watch out when you pass one on a bike…the blast of wind you get when passing a semi is nothing compared to what these things dish out.

We spent one day in Karijini National Park, hiking through a couple gorges.
The first was Weano Gorge, which finished up at a pool of cold water surrounded by massive vertical walls
IMG_9024 IMG_9025
IMG_9028 IMG_9029
IMG_9033  IMG_9034
At the end, you climb down these stairs
Past this little waterfall
to this pool

We also checked out Fortescue Falls and Dales Gorge.
IMG_9069 IMG_9075

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