04/25/2014 – 295 days/26085 miles

Melaka is a nice quiet town (but has terrible mosquitos…if you come here, bring extra bug spray!), so I decided to stay a couple days longer than I originally expected.
As you walk around the city, it feels incredibly diverse, and very unique. It was founded by Hindus from Sumatra, shortly after that was protected by the Chinese, then taken over by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British. Add to that the fact that it was such a major sea port and was constantly visited by traders from around the world and you’ve got a very interesting place. Depending where you are in the city, it can feel SE Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, or European. This can be seen both in the people and the architecture, and a perfect example of the architectural variety can bee seen in the Kampung Kling Mosque.
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03/12/2014 – 251 days/22781 miles

While doing some more detailed planning of my route through Cambodia, I was having issues with what I was seeing on my map, and what I was seeing on Google Maps.  Seems like there were lots of main roads missing from my map, and often times, the route different roads took was not accurately portrayed.  Turns out, the map I bought was printed in Canada!  What was I thinking?!
So it looks like the first thing on my agenda once I get into Cambodia will be finding a new map.

My time in 4000 Islands provided a nice break…basically it’s just a good place to go relax, as there isn’t a ton going on there.
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