03/25/2014 – 264 days/23587 miles

From Phnom Penh, I rode south in the rain to Sihanoukville. The rain wasn’t terrible, but it caught me off guard, as I’ve only seen it rain for about 10 minutes in over two months, and haven’t had to ride in it in that time. And luckily I arrived in Sihanoukville just in time to get my bike unloaded before the rain started coming down monsoon-style.
The town of Sihanoukville is pretty wild, but I stayed about 5km outside of town on Otres beach, which was a bit more quiet, with just about everything you want in a beach.
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03/12/2014 – 251 days/22781 miles

While doing some more detailed planning of my route through Cambodia, I was having issues with what I was seeing on my map, and what I was seeing on Google Maps.  Seems like there were lots of main roads missing from my map, and often times, the route different roads took was not accurately portrayed.  Turns out, the map I bought was printed in Canada!  What was I thinking?!
So it looks like the first thing on my agenda once I get into Cambodia will be finding a new map.

My time in 4000 Islands provided a nice break…basically it’s just a good place to go relax, as there isn’t a ton going on there.
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