12/31/2013 – 180 days/16643 miles

Here’s how I spent the rest of my time in Jaipur…
Hawa Mahal. I’d say that the backside of this building provide the best photo


Jantar Mantar is a collection of massive astronomical instruments. Due to lacking astronomical knowledge, to me, it was mostly just an interesting sculpture garden.
Maybe I thought I’d get something out of it, or maybe I just wanted to look intelligent, but I diligently read the descriptions of everything, without much clue as to what was being described. I don’t know how many times I read the words “celestial” and “zenith,” but all they made me think about was tea and console TVs.
This beast of a sundial is accurate to two seconds.


Jal Mahal. A palace built in the middle of a lake…why not?

While at Jal Mahal, a Royal Enfield pulled up next to me, ridden by Stefan, the Swiss traveling and photography phenom. He’s two days away from being on the road for a year, and has no set date to be home. He’s got some great pictures here, and if you can read French, all the better. We had the same plans for the day, so we rode around together and checked out a couple forts and a temple that’s overrun by monkeys.

Amer (Amber) Fort

No, that’s not me on the elephant…I’d be wearing my helmet, not a baseball cap

View of Jaipur from the top of Nahargarh Fort

Monkey Temple
Here’s some homeless guy that needs a haircut feeding peanuts to a monkey


And best of all, was this monkey riding a pig.  It only hung on for a few seconds, so all I could get was this mediocre picture

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