10/24/2014 – 477 days/42810 miles

I’m in Auckland, waiting around for a week or so until my bike shows up.

One of the main spots to go visit here is the Auckland Museum. The highlights of this place were the exhibits on Maori culture and the War Memorial.
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09/24/2014 – 447 days/41231 miles

From most people I spoke with, Canberra got a pretty bad wrap as far as Australian cities are concerned. I guess I can understand this from the point of view of someone living there, but for someone just traveling through for a few days, I think it’s a great place to stop.
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08/26/2014 – 418 days/34964 miles

I made a stop for a couple days in Fremantle, which is immediately south of Perth, and does a good job of making it feel like you aren’t in a place as big as Perth. I didn’t have time to do a whole lot, other than get some work done on the bike, and check out one of the museums in town. Oh, and I found this statue of Bon Scott.
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