11/05/2014 – 489 days/43822 miles

Even after seeing such a small portion of New Zealand, I am amazed with the diversity of landscapes…who knows what you’ll see around the next corner. The only guarantee is that the sea is always a brilliant blue and the land is always an intense green.
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10/29/2014 – 482 days/42810 miles


I’m still in Auckland, and I still don’t have my bike, but I’ve spoke with the shippers, customs, quarantine, and the automobile association, and I think I have everything lined up so that I won’t be wasting time once the boat arrives…that is if I understood all their instructions correctly.

So here’s a bit more from my longer than desired stay in Auckland.

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10/20/2014 – 473 days/42810 miles

Well, I’ve been back in Brisbane for about a week now. The first thing I needed to do when I got into town was to get my bike cleaned up. When I was at the Tamworth Motorcycle Museum, I met Mark, and he and his wife Michelle let me stay at their place for a couple days and use their garage and pressure washer.
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10/08/2014 – 461 days/42514 miles

After the Horizon’s Unlimited event, I didn’t have any specific plans…the only thing I had scheduled was the shipping of my bike from Brisbane to Auckland, which isn’t until the 21st. So, my friend Peter, who I met at the Horizon’s gathering offered to show me around North Stradbroke Island (or Straddie, as they call it).
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